Patent and technology


 • Manufacturing method for UV curable and low viscosity complex adhesive

 Coating composite for permeable to concrete structure and the manufacturing

    method of the composite

 • Manufacturing method of hybrid ceramic coatings and guardrail of high corrosion


 • Manufacturing technology of ambient and low temperature curing type

    ceramic coatings

 • Manufacturing technology of nonflammable and non-stick ceramic coatings

 • Insulation coating compositie and manufacturing method thereof

 • Organic-inorganic composite coating composition for magnesium surface protection

 • High-temperature and acid-resistant coating composite for heat exchanger element

    in fossile power plant  and manufacturing method

• Manufacturing method  for high transparent organic-inorganic coating composite

• Manufacturing method of anti-tarnish coating composite for silver plating surface

• Manufacturing method of UV-curable organic-inorganic hybrid oligomer composition

 • Manufacturing method of high heat-resistant and high-light-permeability coatings

   for anti-static




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